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"The goal of the EDIDesK project is to improve the teaching of Design in the area of Equality, Diversity, and Inclusion (EDI) within the European Higher Education system through the use of inclusive digital tools and the development of new open access and multilingual educational contents"

The EDIDesK project 

The EDIDesK project involves seven European partners with extensive experience in Design and Social Inclusion.

The project addresses a key issue for the EU creative industry sector: training and equipping future generations of European graduates with new skills in the field of Design for Equality, Diversity, and Inclusion (EDI).

Currently, the scenario of EDI-related teaching and learning content within undergraduate (UG) and postgraduate (PG) Design programmes is fragmented and dispersed. This makes graduates unprepared to address the challenges of current and future design markets, which however require enabling solutions. Accordingly, the risk of producing non-inclusive solutions is high. The project lasts 36 months.

Consistent with the aim of Erasmus+ proposals, the EDIDesK project intends to meet the following strategic priorities:

  • Inclusion and diversity in all fields of education, training, youth and sport (horizontal priority);

  • Supporting innovation and entrepreneurial skills of students (additional priority);

  • Building inclusive higher education systems (additional priority).

The main activities of the project are:

  • Research and analysis of teaching contents on Design and EDI;

  • Development of an EU framework on Design for EDI and pilot tests;

  • Design and implementation of an open access digital learning platform on Design for EDI;

  • Dissemination, outreach, and engagement with relevant stakeholders in the EU and beyond.

Objectives of the project

  • Map UG and PG modules on EDI-related design topics in the countries of beneficiary institutions, with a survey sent globally, to understand best practices that can be assumed as a reference for the teaching and learning practices.

  • Propose a European framework for teaching Design for EDI into UG and PG programmes, and test it in five countries on different Design and Design-related subjects.

  • Create an open access digital learning platform to collect and share open access multi-lingual teaching materials on Design for EDI.

  • Develop a set of open access multilanguage teaching contents on Design for EDI for different design sectors, suitable for UG and PG modules.

  • Promote open collaborations.

Target beneficiaries

The strategic target beneficiaries of the EDIDesK project are HEIs in the EU delivering UG and PG Design and Design-related programmes, which will benefit of novel open access teaching and learning methodologies as well as contents that propose peer-reviewed knowledge on Design for EDI.

EDIDesK has identified three main groups of beneficiaries.

  • Students, who will have the opportunity to access to new multi-language and open educational resources on Design for EDI such as lectures, seminars, etc., and a digital learning platform.

  • Teaching staff, who will benefit of improved methodologies to set up novel curricula for Design (i.e.: Product Design, Graphic Design, UI/UX Design, etc.) and Design-related fields (i.e.: Architecture), alongside harmonized contents ready to be delivered to UG and PG students.

  • Companies, NGOs, municipalities, and public bodies, who will benefit from inclusive solutions made by qualified designers (higher turnover and reputation) and will also be able to employ graduates with a proven track record on Design and/for EDI.

Innovative results

EDIDesK will produce four innovative results, both intellectual and digital:

  • The first map on the teaching of Design and/for EDI in its wider notion in five European countries (Italy, Poland, Slovakia, Spain), with insights from the global community.

  • A European framework for teaching Design for EDI with information for content creation and teaching methods to employ.

  • An open access digital learning platform to collect and share multi-language contents on Design for EDI. the platform will allow staff and students to access peer-reviewed lectures, modules, etc. in an open and inclusive modality.

  • The first set of multi-language contents on Design for EDI for themed sectors such as Product Design, UI/UX, Graphics, Architecture, etc., in English, Italian, Polish, Slovak, and Spanish.

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